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COVID-19 Crisis Response Award

COVID-19 Crisis Response Award

This award will recognise and reward the most effective and outstanding initiatives created/developed in the Pharma industry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Judges would like to see clear examples of innovation, excellence, and operational agility.

This award is open to pharma companies, pharma research centres, pharma contract services companies, biopharma and biotech companies. If you have any enquiries as to your suitability to this award, then please contact our team. Judges would like to see clear examples of innovation, excellence, and operational agility.

Entry is by a 5 A4 page submission; the judges will be looking for clear information backed up by facts that pays particular attention to the criteria listed below.

  • Challenges faced: Please briefly outline the implications of COVID-19 on your operations.

  • Initiatives: Please describe the initiatives taken by your team during this unprecedented period to strengthen your operations and why you think they were exceptional. This may include areas like people management, supply chain management, plant and warehouse operations, R&D, etc.

  • Risk mitigation: Describe how you managed and mitigated risk in an effective way.

  • Innovation: Please include details of any unique efforts, processes, technologies, products, arising out of the current COVID-19 pandemic that have been deployed.

  • Outcomes & Results: Summarise the outcomes of these efforts. Please also elaborate on how your efforts will help to future-proof your business.

  • Include any other facts or statements that you feel are relevant to support the entry.

  1. Visit our 'How to Enter' page for our Items Checklist & Step-by-Step Guide. CLICK HERE.

  2. Once you have created your PDF submission and you have all items in the Items Checklist, submit your entry via the Online Entry Form. CLICK HERE.


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