Prof. Mike Lyons

Prof. Mike Lyons

Head of School of Chemistry, TCD

Born in Cork city, Mike Lyons, a graduate of University College Cork, researched fuel cell catalysis both in the Chemistry Department and the Royal School of Mines in Imperial College London before being appointed as a Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at Trinity College in 1984. 

He is a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin and is Professor in Physical Chemistry and Head of the School of Chemistry, TCD and has served both on the College Council and Board. His research interests include the development of new materials for electrochemical splitting of water to produce clean hydrogen fuel, the development of electrochemical sensors, and the use of sustainable raw materials for energy applications. 

He currently is lead PI in Raw Materials in TCD and an investigator both in the CRANN Research Institute and the SFI AMBER National Centre.  

He follows Munster rugby and Cork hurling.

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