Product Impact Award


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The Product Impact Award recognises the positive effect a product has had on the lives of patients. This can include where a product ends up on the shelves of pharmacies, in healthcare facilities or is used to improve bio mechanical health of people. The winner of this award will need to demonstrate the overall objective of the product, its journey to market and the tangible impact to the lives of the patients who benefit from it. Entry is by a 5 A4 page submission; ideally the judges will be looking for a clear plan and evidence that it is delivering on core objectives, paying particular attention to the criteria listed below.

Entry is by a 5-page A4 PDF submission; the judges will be looking for a clear plan and evidence that it is delivering on core objectives, paying attention to the criteria listed below.

  • Product Description: Provide a detailed description of an exceptional product initiative, and its related activities, that has made a significant impact within the pharmaceutical industry. Include the rationale and background for the product in your answer.
  • Product features: Explain what aspects are new, or are an improvement on existing products, and how they give rise to a substantial positive change.
  • Innovation: Please provide your insights regarding unique measures or methodologies you have introduced in the pharmaceutical sector, which exemplify a high level of innovation and commercial viability. Please elaborate on these distinct approaches and their impact within the industry.
  • Go to market strategy: Provide a detailed description of your go-to-market strategy, outlining the key components, methodologies, and unique approaches that have been implemented. Additionally, emphasize the impact and results achieved through this strategy, such as increased market penetration, improved customer engagement, or enhanced commercial success.
  • The success of the product to market: Provide a detailed description of your product's journey to the market, highlighting the key strategies, innovations, and unique approaches employed. Additionally, emphasize the measurable impact and positive changes brought about by the product.
  • Tangible impact to patients: Provide your exceptional efforts and advancements that have directly improved patient outcomes, enhanced quality of life, or addressed unmet medical needs.
  • Success stories / testimonials: Provide compelling evidence, such as patient testimonials, healthcare professional endorsements, or real-world case studies, to demonstrate the transformative outcomes achieved through their pharmaceutical endeavours.