Gabriele Iannizzotto

Chief Business Officer, Perigord

Gabriele Iannizzotto - Chief Business Officer, Perigord

Gabriele is the Chief Business Officer at Perigord and has over 20 years of distinguished performance as a Senior Business Manager for the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry. Highly accomplished in leading operations involving SME’s to large organizations in pharmaceutical secondary packaging industry. In‐depth experience in Marketing and Innovation Management including IP administration. Established track record of identifying opportunities, cultivating and managing customers and partners relationships, resulting in, joint development with International Institutes of Research and leading companies in technology. Gabriele’s technical background has led to him being appointed as Technical Delegate for ISO/TC 122/WG 15 and ISO DIS 21976 on behalf of ECMA (European Carton Makers Association). During last three years, Gabriele has been listed as co-inventor for monitoring system for Drugs Assumption and Tamper Evident solution in accordance with ECC Directive 62/2011. Gabriele is also the chairman of the HCPC Europe the industry not for profit organisation whose mission is to is to achieve demonstrable improvement in patients’ lives, as well as enhanced compliance and adherence to medication regimes through the implementation of packaging-related initiatives.